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Cornerstone Christian University Alumni

Cornerstone Christian School Alumni Association (CCUAA) is a group of former CCU students. 

CCU Alumni Association purpose is to keep all Cornerstone Christian University graduates connected as a community.

CCUAA members act as ambassadors of the University by sharing their experiences with current and prospects students.

CCUAA is also committed to keeping the alumni up to date regarding the different activities and programs within CCU.

If you are a recent CCU graduates, CCUAA encourages you to connect with others graduates through social media by sharing the University webpage to help others discover about our CCU outstanding programs.

All graduates of CCU automatically become members of CCUAA community. Below is a list of our graduates:

  • Saintervil Raymonvil
  • Henri-Claude Canton
  • Jean Sima Lucien
  • Daniel Dolce
  • Pascaline Ngoie
  • Sitoir Pasterain
  • Jodanex Benjamin
  • Fleury Prophete
  • Yannick Muamba Mufuta
  • Aubin Malaja Wa Mulaja
  • Dieu Merci Sangwa Kasongo
  • Serge Accime
  • Lason Bellane
  • Monise Anglade Feron
  • Renard Louis
  • Elizé Mûlatre
  • Edlin Névélus
  • Marc André Exana
  • Mania Valcy
  • Caleb Pierre
  • Rony Thélusma
  • Eli Enol Phenicien
  • Moïse Benoit
  • Wilfrid Saint Felix
  • Jean Romilus Jean
  • Jean Wilhem Simon
  • Villemey Alcide
  • Robenson Edmond
  • Verline Maneus
  • Kensly C. Polynice
  • Marie Armose Thercy
  • Jocelyn Louijeune
  • Marie-florence Derius
  • Kelly Barbot
  • Legentus Belinda
  • Salvador Philibert
  • Jean Claude Pyram
  • Ednor Cossogu
  • Remy Zami
  • Nicolson Lazare
  • Dieuseul Charite
  • Antoine Sulfane Labonte
  • Jean-François Labonte
  • Jean-marie Dumerzier
  • Lisner Cesostris
  • Jean Robert Colas
  • Jacob Etienne
  • Claude Ceralien
  • Michel Jean Mary
  • Berthony Pierre
  • Rose Carmelle Pierre
  • Marie Michaelle Charles Mondé
  • Ansy Gilbert Junior Point-du-jour
  • Manes Joseph
  • Wilbert Gustave
  • Leandre Saint Juste
  • Yvick Olny Laurent
  • Patrick Franck
  • Woodly Bazelais
  • Jeanise Barreau
  • Junia Simeon
  • Marie Angeline Doresca
  • Edna Joseph
  • Gertha Poinvil
  • Othniel Duverseau
  • Arhantz Mars
  • Aunel Francois
  • Lyonel Esterlin
  • Berthony Démonsthènes
  • Erauld Permission
  • Julio Dumano
  • Saint Jacques Gedeon
  • Jean Gorges Etienne
  • Sheenalder Saint Jean
  • Mereste Cesar
  • Makendy Eugene
  • Saint Jean Ovens
  • Reginald Laguerre
  • Jean Raoul Lamarre
  • Louisseul France Etienne
  • Mario Jeune
  • Saint Yves Romelus
  • Ysmat Stevenson
  • Jacqueline Babunda Mbuyamba
  • Bruno Lusueki Mampila
  • Freddy Pen Shungu Olela
  • Joao Luis
  • Prosper Elie Kabengele Wa Mpunga  
  • Cadeau Denis
  • Yvon Geste
  • Caporal Pierre
  • Louisseul France Etienne
  • Dorisma Jose
  • Marcia Barrett-Mcdonald  
  • Vassi-Ann Bent 
  • Marvin Bonner 
  • Rosealea Francis 
  • Darren Gray 
  • Robert Mason 
  • Garrett Mcdonald 
  • Stephanie Mullings  
  • Vinnetta Smith 
  • Ionie Sylvester 
  • Robert Sylvester 
  • Steve Sylvesterfenel Jean
  • Manius Thyma
  • Paul Ledan Jean
  • Brenor Orisme
  • Claudel Jean
  • Jean Harry Jean Pierre
  • Dorlusca Joseph Toussaint
  • Mimi Kayembe Nansha 
  • Lisa D. Fulton 
  • Djograce N. Mwenze 
  • Dieudonne M. Mazambi 
  • Jean Medard Beya Muntu 
  • Jasmine Dieudonneyliannise
  • Jean Charles


Meet few from our alumni and read what they say about Cornerstone Christian University

"I earned my first Doctor in Secular Education and I felt that I needed to further my education in Christian Education but could not think of a better school than Cornerstone Christian University. I never regret that decision. You won’t either!"
Doctor of Christian Education
"I love Cornerstone Christian University. I have the privilege to earn my doctor of Psychology and counseling from CCU. I strongly recommend you this school for your studies."
Doctor of Christian Psychology and Counseling
"Cornerstone has impacted my life in such a wonderful way. I have been struggling to earn my degree from different schools but my lack of focus has kept me from achieving that goal. Cornerstone held my hand to complete my Bachelor and my Master. I wanted to stop there but another boost from CCU kept me going. Now I am completing my doctorate. To me, CCU creates an atmosphere of comfort for its students that are beyond reality. I do recommend you Cornerstone with all fiber of my being."
Master of Theology adn completing Doctor of Christian Psychology and Counseling
"Coming from a catholic background, the knowledge and understanding that I received from CCU is beyond my expectation. Since I completed m y Master in Christian Psychology and Counseling, I have an opportunity work more effectively in ministry.If you are looking for a great school, CCU is the school for you."
Master of Divinity
"Cornerstone Christian University provides the quality of Christian Education that you deserve. I have the opportunity to earn my Bachelor, my Master, and currently pursuing my Doctorate through CCU. Not only that, I have another privilege. I have the opportunity to teach as well. This creates another opportunity to pass on to other students what I have learned over the years."
Master of Christian Psychology and Counseling
"If I left a state university to attend Cornerstone Christian University, it is because I found what I needed and what I was looking for. Although It may be difficult to understand what I’m telling you because I am the alumni but once you sign up, you’ll see I was telling you the truth."
Doctor of Psychology and Counseling
"I am so happy that I made the decision to attend Cornerstone Christian University. I never thought that, one day I could have my degree. A degree in Early Childhood Education will help me greatly with my son and the children I may have in the future.I share my graduation with my son because he means the world to me. Thank you CCU for being there when I needed you the most."
Bachelor of Early Childhood Education
"Cornerstone the best school that I know of. The instructors and the staff are great, very professional and caring. I was not just a number in the accounting book. I was a live human being to them. After I answered God’s calling in my life, the necessity to acquire biblical knowledge was important. With my busy family, work, and church busy schedule, I could not find a school to meet my needs. CCU met my needs the day I met the Admissions Office. If you can relate to my situation, search no more, check with CCU."
Doctor of Theology
"After earning my master in Clinical Christian Psychology, from Cornerstone University in Louisiana, I searched for an affordable and credible in my home town in Orland, FL., to pursue my Ph.D. After much searching and a recommendation from my former Dean, FCU and I chose CCU.I have never regretted that decision. Small classroom, individual attention from the president and other staff members, and interactive learning are some of the benefits to be gained there. Today, I operate a branch extension of CCU in Jamaica, West Indies. I highly recommend Cornerstone Christian university to those in serious search for well-rounded training for ministry."
Selvyn Sewell Ph.D
Christian Psychology and Counseling
"Cornerstone Christian University is doing exactly what its motto states, “illuminating the world with the Word of God”. I have been in church since the age of 9, I once considered myself to be a very religious person but it was not until I begin studying God’s Word that I realize how much I never really know him or his purpose in my life. The experience you’ll have at cornerstone whether it’s online, correspondence, or on campus, will truly challenge you and emboldens you to embrace your calling."
Bachelor of Christian Psychology and Counseling and currently pursuing a master in Psychology and Counseling
I have been a double major student since 2007 from two different universities in such Nova southeastern and Cornerstone Christian University. Three years ago, I was honored with a Master of Arts in theology. I was thinking about getting a higher degree into Pastoral Leadership program at CCU. However, money kept me from doing so. At the end of ceremony, the president and founder of CCU, Dr. Ted Ridore, decided to give away 25 full scholarships. Students have to pay only for books and University fees. Unfortunately, I did not receive a scholarship on my own. Then, Dr. Ted said, I am certain with all my heart: if someone who received one of the 25 scholarships cannot use it for whatever reason, “please give it to someone else who can use it.” Suddenly, a young lady named Cynthia, who used to belong to the same church as I did, stood up and asked who wanted a free doctoral scholarship. I promptly answered, “Please give it to me, my sister.”With all, I have no doubt to recommend this University to everyone who really wants to study the word of God to search this faculty at first before a farther search. I guarantee that you will not regret your times and investments you are going to initiate toward the university because the staff will be guiding you from beginning to end. Thank you CCU for the good faith!
Dr. Loremy T. Stephen
Pastoral Leadership
"Studying with Cornerstone Christian University was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The flexible payment plan that fit perfectly into my tight budget gave me the privilege to earn my Masters in Pastoral Leadership through CCU. Their courses are well researched and help cultivate a high standard of learning. I have been greatly blessed, my future has never been so clear. I know where I am going. My understanding as well as my passion in God’s Word has been birthed as a result of studying with CCU. Now I am making my plan to go back for my Doctor’s in Leadership and Management. If you are considering schools for your Studies, search no further, give Cornerstone Christian University a try and you won’t be disappointed."
Master of Pastoral Leadership
"Cornerstone Christian University has equipped with the knowledge and wisdom that I needed to succeed in my ministry... "
Fred Schawltz, Orlando
"I completed my Doctor of Theology in 2012, the faculty and courses were outstanding. CCU has given me the confidence that I needed as Senior Minister to train many people with boldness."
Dr. Claude Kibula, South Africa
"As a recent graduate of Cornerstone Christian University, I would like to recommend this institution for your ministry education. A degree from CCU will not only equip you, but it will also open more doors for ministry - 2016."
Rev. Dr. Vincent Andam, Orlando