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Dr. Ridoré’s scholarship

To qualify for Dr. Ridoré scholarship, the applicant must be serious about their studies. This means, you must have already completed your admission process prior to completing this scholarship application. No scholarship request will be considered without a letter of acceptance from Admissions.

Anyone is welcome to submit an application. However, until we can bring other school in partnership with Dr. Ridoré, scholarship only granted to:

  • Cornerstone Christian University
  • Cornerstone University of Florida
  • Lighthouse High School

We currently are accepting applications via email at Due to a large number of applications received, we are not able to award every applicant a scholarship but we’ll do our very best to help. The application below must be completed and a copy of the acceptance letter from any of the school mentioned must be presented to be considered for a scholarship.

Instructions for Scholarship Application –PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!

The Dr. Ridore’s scholarship was founded to fund literacy schools nationally and internationally. From its inception in 2003 has helped more than 14, 800 children, young adults, and adults learn how to read and write up to High School without any governmental support. Through the help of Cornerstone Christian University and some individual support, Dr. Ridore has issued over 3,400 scholarships to deserving students and has extended its scholarship to colleges and university.

We strongly suggest that you review the instructions and fill in every line in the application. Leaving any line blank or failing to include all supporting documents will cause your application to be rejected. All board decisions, on scholarship funding are final and there is no appeal process. If your application is rejected, and you feel that you are deserving of a scholarship, we urge you to re-apply for your next term.

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Date of Birth*


Current Status*
(Note: Dr. Ridoré scholarship can only give you a scholarship for a portion of your tuition cost, excluding books and fees. Individual who is not eligible for scholarship may receive scholarship for book).
In 500-words or less describe your proposed course of study (thesis, etc.) related to your goals and objectives, ministries, etc. Relation to these areas should be directly shown. Describe your education and or ministry objectives and how the award of Dr. Ridoré Scholarship would help you attain them. Comment on what you have achieved and learned through your studies and activities.