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What to expect from CCU

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • CCU is the nation’s top best and friendliest online Christian University. We focus on knowledge, not on doctrinal differences.
  • CCU offers academically challenging programs with highly reputable instructors to stimulate your intellectual inclination.
  • 100% of your program can be completed online via e-campus or distance learning without ever sitting in a classroom.
  • With WIFI technology and with the flexibility CCU provides, you can attend class online in the convenience of your living room, your bedroom, or anywhere you’re comfortable.
  • CCU’s tuition is affordable beyond imagination. To see the details, go CCU Download Center to access the tuition page. Our payment plan allows you to design your own that contingent upon your budget.
  • CCU’s programs are designed to allow you to focus on one class at a time so you can master the subject being studied.
  • CCU equips you with the necessary skills, resources, and expertise to help you to be successful and effective in your ministry.
  • You will learn from the most effective combination of theory and practical experience. All CCU’s faculty hold a master’s or doctoral degree and work in the field of their expertise.
  • CCU makes it easy and convenient for you to enroll online using your credit/debit card.